Tour Garden of Dreams

For a complimentary, no-obligation tour of the Garden of Dreams, please click here or call our Family Service department at 702-464-8375.

Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams was conceived in 2012 to fill a need in the Las Vegas community for a place to remember the Civil Rights Movement. Its purpose is to educate and remember both the struggles and success of this journey, while looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Burial and Cremation Property

The Garden of Dreams offers placement options for those who choose burial or cremation. The expansive lawn with a beautiful view of Sunrise Mountain gives you choices for single, tandem, or family sections for burial or cremation plots. You will also have in selected areas, choices for upright monuments or full grave ledgers. The garden also offers cremation niches in the Civil Rights Plaza for urn placement.

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Walk of Dreams

The walkway which leads you to the Civil Rights Plaza in the Garden of Dreams has pavers available to purchase for memorializing your loved one. The money raised from the pavers will be used, yearly, to honor an applicant with a scholarship to help continue his/her college education.

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The Civil Rights Plaza

Centered in the garden is the Civil Rights Plaza. Embedded in the floor of the plaza are fourteen inlayed polished granite stars, representing the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Each year a significant contributor to the civil rights movement, locally or globally, will have a star dedicated to them for their contributions. Located in the center of the plaza a rock pitched torch is featured, which evolves into polished granite to symbolize the difficult journey towards equality, liberty and justice. The multicolored flame represents the eternal ideal, where we all live together in harmony and equality.

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