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Lawn Spaces and Lawn Crypts

At Palm Mortuary, we maintain a fresh perspective on even the most traditional types of burial property. That perspective affords us the opportunity to help you select a property that truly speaks to your life and legacy.

Below is a small selection of the lawn spaces and lawn crypts that we have available. Most of our lawn spaces feature a single or double-depth option and most are suitable for families who choose cremation as well as for those who prefer traditional casketed burial.

Some of our lawn spaces and/or lawn crypts are in areas of the cemetery that allow for flat or upright memorial markers (or headstones) and some only allow for flat, memorial markers. A cemetery tour will help you identify and select the appropriate garden for you and your family.


Difference between a lawn space and a lawn crypt

The primary difference between a lawn space and a lawn crypt is that lawn crypts are “pre-crypted,” meaning that an outer burial container is already in place. Families selecting a lawn space will have the opportunity to select the outer burial container or vault of their choice.