The Benefits of Planning Your Military Funeral or Cremation Service

Whether it’s a military operation, a family vacation or a remodeling project, you know how important it is to plan in advance.

A funeral or cremation service is no different. There are dozens upon dozens of decisions that must be made, and by making them now you have added peace of mind that everything will be right.

Many people do everything they can to protect their family from events that may happen, such as purchasing fire or theft insurance, but ignore the one event in life that we know will happen with certainty. Planning today will help protect your family from some of the emotional and financial burdens that often occur after the loss of a loved one.

The greatest gift that you can give your family

When a death occurs, it often happens unexpectedly. Many decisions have to be made in a short period of time leaving many families feeling overwhelmed. Often, these decisions must be made when a family is grieving and least prepared. By planning your funeral or cremation service today, you can make life much easier for those who will have to handle your affairs.

You will have the opportunity to become informed about your options and their various costs, in an unpressured environment, when you have time to think things through. You’re in full control, and you can select and specify funeral or cremation services that will truly have meaning to you and your family while properly honoring your military service.

Remember, planning benefits your survivors the most. When a funeral or cremation service is not planned ahead of time, someone – who may not be aware of your wishes – will have to make all of the decisions. Unfortunately, survivors often have their decision-making ability clouded by grief and other emotions. Knowing that your wishes will be carried out will bring comfort, peace of mind and relief to surviving family members and friends.

A service personalized to reflect your wishes

Like any event, such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary,, a funeral or cremation service gives your family and friends time to support each other, to share memories, and an opportunity to celebrate your life. And today, no two ceremonies are alike. You can, and should, plan your service to include photographs, favorite music, special readings, and the involvement of family members, friend and military comrades.

Protection from rising costs

Because you are likely to face out-of-pocket expenses – as government burial benefits for veterans are limited – it also makes wise financial sense to plan your funeral or cremation service today.

By acting now you benefit from purchasing at today’s prices, free from inflationary pressures of the future. Once you have determined the costs, you can make an objective decision regarding affordability. You may decide to spend less or more, but the decision remains yours.

Planning now also enables you to purchase the services you select in a planned and managed fashion. It helps you keep your financial commitment to a comfortable level, while eliminating the financial burden placed on your surviving family members.

Planning with a Dignity Memorial provider assures nationwide coverage

By making an informed decision today, you’ll gain greater peace-of-mind knowing that you’ve taken care of most of the details and expenses during what will be a very difficult time for your survivors. And should you wish to change locations, selecting a Dignity Memorial provider makes your choice even easier, because it’s the only veteran program that allows you to transfer your planned funeral or cremation services anywhere within its network of funeral, cremation and cemetery providers.

Keep in mind that the Dignity Memorial network of funeral, cremation and cemetery providers is North America’s largest network serving more than 250,000 families each year, including more than 80,000 veterans and their spouses. That means that by the numbers, we are the people more veterans trust.

Veterans and their families can rely on their local Dignity Memorial provider for assistance that includes:

  • The exclusive 100% Service Guarantee that ensures your family’s complete satisfaction with the services provided

  • Expert advanced funeral planning by licensed professionals to meet the needs and budget of every family

  • Transferability of funeral plans made in advance to any Dignity Memorial provider throughout North America, so if you move, your benefits move with you

  • Access to a Bereavement Travel Program, 24-hour Compassion Helpline®, extensive Grief Management Library and more for family members

[SIDEBAR] The Decisions You Make Today Should Include:

  • Would you like a traditional or a simple, less elaborate service?

  • What military protocols or traditions, if any, would you wish incorporated into your service?

  • Do you prefer cremation or burial?

  • Would you like the service in a funeral home chapel or at a place of worship?

  • Will it be a private family service or open to all?

  • What type of casket or cremation container would you prefer?

  • Will the casket be open or closed?

  • Will there be a visitation for family and friends or a private family gathering?

  • How much would you like to pay for your services?

  • What type of permanent memorial would you prefer?

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