The Dignity Difference

The Dignity Difference

Dignity Memorial providers offer the most comprehensive, personalized services for families, including National Transferability, Bereavement Travel assistance and access to a 24-Hour Compassion Helpline®. To learn more about our services, click here.

Caring for Our Communties

Caring for Our Communities

We are dedicated to the communities where we live and work. Through our community support programs we strive to keep families healthy and safe, and comfort those who grieve. To learn more, click here.

Celebrate a Life Lived

Celebrate a Life Lived

The funeral service allows family and friends to honor, recognize and celebrate the life of their loved one. To learn more about planning a funeral service befitting of the life lived, click here.


Memorial Design Center

The Palm Memorial Design Center adds a personal dimension to how loved ones are remembered. Palm’s memorial designers work individually with each family to create a granite memorial that truly reflects the unique qualities of the individual and honors their lives in a meaningful way. Memorials can be as individual as the people they honor. They can speak to the world about love, wisdom or great accomplishments. They can also celebrate hobbies and attest to faith. A memorial can be a fingerprint or a self-portrait. Whatever form it may take, a memorial that is crafted out of love and caring shall forever say, "You will never be forgotten."

Designing a Memorial

When we lose someone dear to us, we try to find ways to keep them alive in our hearts. That is why memorials are so important. When memorial services are complete and a loved one is at rest, a monument or memorial becomes a lasting and visible tribute to a life lived and an enduring symbol of love and family heritage.

At Palm Memorial Design Center, we strive to create a memorial that is a true celebration of life, one that honors and respects your loved one in a way that is unique to the special life lived. Our artisans use the latest stonework technology and carving techniques to produce a memorial of exquisite beauty and unparalleled quality. A wide range of price and personalization options is available to meet your individual needs. All Palm memorials are produced on-site.

Step One: Make notes about the person whom the memorial will honor.

A granite memorial is a visible and lasting symbol of a life lived. It should capture the unique qualities and portray the personality of the person whose life it commemorates.

You begin the memorial design process by writing things down that best represent the life of your loved one. What comes to mind that represents their personality? What things were most important to them? For what talents, accomplishments or achievements are they best remembered? What hobbies did they enjoy? Where were their favorite places to vacation or spend time with family and friends?

Step Two: Consider design choices.

The Palm Memorial Design Center offers an extensive selection of monument designs and patterns. Design samples are available at the Palm Memorial Design Center. Select from various shapes, textures and design elements to find one that fits with your loved one’s personal taste or best represents them.

Step Three: Consider granite color choices.

Most granite memorials are available in a variety of colors, from common colors to rare granite varieties from around the world. The available varieties are divided into three groups reflecting the composition and availability of the stone:

  • The Prestige color group features only rare granites of the highest quality and brilliant colors.
  • The Premium color group offers unusual color varieties available in limited supply.
  • The Standard color group consists of two or more commonly available granite varieties.

Step Four: Personalize the memorial.

The Palm Memorial Design Center offers many options for personalization of granite memorials. Start with the lettering style appropriate for the design and color selected. Add artwork and emblems signifying religious faith, military service, career and hobbies. Add a favorite verse or quotation. Incorporate a picture or custom images into the memorial.

Using your suggestions, Palm’s Memorial Designers will create a custom crafted memorial as unique as the individual it honors.

Step Five: Contact your Family Service Counselor or the Memorial Design Center to complete your memorial.