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Palm Mortuary Locations

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Cemetery Rules and Regulations

General Information
Palm Mortuary, Inc. was organized as a private cemetery corporation in 1957 and presently operates five Memorial Parks.

In order to properly care for and maintain the beauty in our Memorial Parks, it is necessary that certain Rules and Regulations be adopted and enforced. In addition, Rules and Regulations have been adopted to secure uniformity within the Memorial Parks and to protect the interests of all of the Owners of interment space in the Memorial Parks.

The Cemetery Rules and Regulations governing Palm’s Memorial Parks have been designed, and will continue to be designed, to be of benefit to the Owners of interment spaces collectively. Palm may, and hereby expressly reserves the right to, at any time, adopt new Rules and Regulations or amend, alter, or repeal any existing Rule or Regulation, without notice to the Owners.

The following partial information is furnished for your clarification; complete Rules and Regulations governing our Memorial Parks are on file in our offices.

We thank you for your cooperation in following these Rules and Regulations.

Memorial Park Hours
Sunrise to Sunset

General Rules for Park Visitors
All visitors to the Memorial Parks must display proper respect for the deceased. When on any of the properties, please act accordingly with care and consideration for all. Soliciting, peddling, or distributing literature while on any of Palm’s Memorial parks is strictly prohibited.

Palm understands and respects the need for families to show respect and love through the placement of floral offerings and special occasion mementos. In the interest of uniformity, consistency, and in order to maintain the beauty of all Memorial Parks, Palm requires that all floral arrangements, memorabilia, or other personal items placed at the gravesite be secured in an approved permanent lawn or mausoleum vase receptacle. Styrofoam, supplied by Palm, may be used to secure artificial flowers, flags, ornaments, and other personal items in the vase. For assistance, please contact any of our cemetery employees.

Funeral Flowers
Funeral flowers, along with all other funeral items, such as stands, frames, baskets, and casket sprays, will be removed from the interment area within two (2) days of the funeral. Family members should remove any funeral items they wish to take with them at the conclusion of the funeral service.

Special Occasion Flowers
During holidays and special days of honor we allow the placement of themed decorations and arrangements. Please contact the cemetery office for specific dates of placement and removal.

Cemetery Maintenance Program
Palm will remove without notice any items not placed in an authorized vase receptacle except during the special holiday periods as listed above. In addition, flowers contained in vase receptacles that are deemed, at our discretion, worn or unsightly will be removed. Under no circumstances are open flames or anything combustible allowed in the Memorial Parks. They will be removed immediately.

Photographs, souvenirs, cards, wreaths and other items are prohibited on mausoleum and columbarium facings. Such items will be removed by Palm, and, if sufficient damage has been done to the face of the marble or glass due to the items placed, the face will be replaced and the cost charged to the crypt owner.